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Sara Flores

Welcome to Mrs. Flores' 2nd-grade online classroom

Here you will find important information such as class news and other useful information you will need to know throughout the school year.  


What's going on in.....


  • How can I build/show large numbers?
  • How can I solve addition and subtraction word problems?
  • How does knowing the place value help me compare numbers? 
  • How do I count money using different types of coins and bills?
  • How would you express a time to the nearest five minutes?


  • Learning grade-level vocabulary words, asking and answering questions related to text, demonstrating understanding of details in text, identifying the topic of multi-paragraph text, describing the connection of events/ideas in text, knows and uses text features (bold print etc.), identifying author’s purpose of a text, reading fluently at a minimum of 52 wpm


  • Sentence Types 
  • Narrative writing


  • Seeds on the Move (Life Science) 1st 
  • If You Find A Rock (Earth and Space Sciences) 1st 
  • Float Your Boat (Physical Science/Engineering Design) 2nd 
  • How Big is a Foot (Science and Engineering Design) 3rd 
  • Freezing and Melting (Physical Science) 3rd 
  • Over the Ocean (Life Science) 4th 
  • Imaginative Inventions (Engineering Design) 4th 

Educational Websites

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coolmath (click here)

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Sara Flores

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