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Longworth’s Daily Schedule

7:45-8:35-Come to room, put backpacks in cubbies, go to the bathroom, get pencils, start morning work (Language  and Math sheets, and do lunch count.  8:00-Bell rings—Stand for the pledge , creed, and a moment of silence.

8:40-8:50-Number talk        8:50-9:50—Math Lesson 

9:50-10:30—Activity Classes—Monday-Library, Tuesday-Mrs. Atkinson’s Computer Lab, Wednesday—Music-Mrs. Lovelady Thursday—Art-Mrs. Ozmun.  Friday-9:30-10:30 PE

10:30-10:45—Snacks anf Bathrooms      10:45 Switch Classes---Mrs. Longworth to Mrs. Black—Mrs. Black to Mrs. Jones—Mrs. Jones to Mrs. Longworth  

10:45-10:55-Number talk

10:55-12:15—Math Lesson   12:15 Switch Classes—Mrs. Longworth  to Mrs. Jones—Mrs. Jones to Mrs. Black—Mrs. Black to Mrs. Longworth

12:25—12:55 Lunch     12:55-1:25—Recess—Mrs. Longworth has recess duty Tuesday and Wednesday.

1:30-1:40 Number talk               

1:40-2:55 Math Lesson 

2:55 Boys and Girls Club leave for bus       3:00 Switch Classes back to homerooms 3:10—Bus students goes to bus with their teacher.  3:15—Car riders leave


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